Engineering Design

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Civil Engineering Design

Our civil engineering solutions are driven to meet aesthetic and experiential goals while founded strongly in functionality. We provide designs that are functional and sustainable while addressing the technical challenges of the site.

  • Sustainable site design
  • Grading and drainage
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Stormwater runoff detention and treatment
  • Low-Impact Development (LID)
  • Roadway and vehicle circulation design
  • CalTrans frontage improvements and permitting
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis
  • Construction stormwater plans and permitting
  • Flood plain permitting
  • Industrial stormwater plans and permitting
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Structural Engineering Design

A successful project forms a seamless transition from the initial concept to cost-effective structural solutions. We use practical engineering coupled with advanced modeling tools to bring projects to life. Our commonsense approach to design keeps project cost and constructability in focus throughout the design process.

  • New building structural design
  • Structural alterations and renovations
  • Analysis and evaluation of existing structures
  • Seismic analysis and strengthening
  • Catwalk and process platform design
  • Equipment and tank support design
  • Art and entertainment structures
  • Cut and cover underground structures
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Electrical Engineering Design

The design of power distribution systems requires an appreciation of a facility’s unique requirements and opportunities. An understanding of a facility’s function, with respect to the present needs, reliability, flexibility, and long-term growth is fundamental to our electrical engineering designs.

Lighting Design:
We see light as a way to enhance a project design. Each project is an opportunity to create energy-efficient designs that enhance the designer’s vision for the project. Our electrical engineers and lighting designers value not only function and efficiency, but also beauty and impact. As both lighting designers and electrical engineers, we are experienced in providing comprehensive and integrated design solutions.

  • Electrical utility service planning
  • Power distribution
  • Generator systems
  • Standby and emergency power systems
  • Battery/Photovoltaic system integration design
  • Short circuit and arc flash power system studies
  • Telephone and cable utility service planning
  • Telephone/Data systems
  • Lighting design
  • Lighting control system design
  • Title 24 energy compliance documentation
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Water/Wastewater Engineering Design

A successful water/wastewater system is both efficient and harmonious. Our experience in conventional and emerging treatment technologies and “real-life” plant operations means your project will be handled with just the right combination of creativity, technical excellence, and common sense. Our extensive knowledge in both domestic and industrial systems allows us to quickly diagnose and resolve issues for systems both big and small.

  • Water and wastewater system evaluations, feasibility studies, and pilot studies
  • Septic system design including pretreatment units
  • Package treatment systems for industrial and domestic uses
  • Winery General Order Assistance
  • Facultative aerated lagoons
  • Anaerobic digestion waste to energy facilities
  • Effluent reuse for irrigation and subsurface drip disposal
  • Title 22 reuse/reclamation
  • Water treatment, storage, and distribution systems
  • Treatment system troubleshooting and operational support
  • Source control audits
  • Public Water System Permitting
  • State Resources Control Board Permitting

Facility Planning

Just like a puzzle, we can help you fit the pieces together to make your concepts come to life. Winery, processing, and production facilities all require a thorough understanding of equipment layout, regulations, and vehicular mobility to make your site high-functioning and successful.

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We have over 40 years of experience and knowledge of local agencies and permitting processes to help get your project moving. From beginning stages to unexpected changes, we can assist you in preparing, submitting, and acquiring the appropriate permits for your project.

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Due Diligence

Looking to purchase a new space but don’t know where to turn? We will assess your facility for any structural, civil, water, electrical, permitting, and development concerns and provide professional recommendations for the site.

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